La Ballade de Robert Johnson (Leméac, 2020), novel.

unnamedMy new book is out! The troubled life of blues legend Robert Johnson in a gripping novel. Bonne lecture!

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La Piscine (Heliotrope, 2016), novel.

PiscineIn the gentle light of a summer morning, a coyote lingers near a grove. At the window, a woman cradles her baby. Suddenly, on the radio, a special bulletin interrupts the program: a violent explosion occurred at the nuclear power plant. One of the complex’s buildings is prey to the flames, and seven employees are trapped inside. Among them, her husband. Thirteen years later, she had to rebuild her life.

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Le Journal du corsaire (Hurtubise, 2016), teen fiction.

CorsaireJules has just arrived in New Orleans. His father’s engineering work forces him to change schools and friends every year. As he goes to his new college, a young man hits him in the street and runs away, not realizing that he has dropped an book behind him. Jules opens its pages with curiosity. The mystery of an old pirate tale resurfaces.


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Escale à Prague (Ulysse, 2015), travel guide.

escaleThe guide Escale à Prague is the ideal tool to make the most of a short stay in the capital of the Czech Republic. Practical by organising the content at a glance, this guide is also pleasant to consult thanks to its many color photographs.


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La Dérive des jours (Hurtubise, 2013), novel.

DériveIt’s hay time. The sun goes down. The boy drives the tractor. On the wagon, the father piles up the balls regurgitated by the press. The mother joined them, carrying the water tank and the lunch bag. The cracking of the engine is interrupted. The wheels slide into the mud. The water rises.


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English for Beginners (Pierot, 2013), workbook.

anglictina.jpgAn entertaining English language exercice book for children aged eight and up. English for Beginners is designed to be a fun way to exercise the basics of the English language. The author offers well-tested techniques to get the pupils acquainted with vocabulary and simple grammar. The smart graphic layout and illustrations highlight the entertaining spirit of the book.

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My First Songs (Pierot, 2012), book/CD.

songs.jpgA song book for children and their parents. Available with its companion CD, this book features twelve English songs with musical notation carefully chosen to bring fun and musical variety to singing. Some will be familiar and some will be a pleasant surprise. Child singers can practice with their parents and the recording as many times as they like. Afterall, singing songs is the easiest way to learn a foreign language.

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