About me

Indian Himalayas, 2006.

My name is Jonathan Gaudet and I have been teaching French, Spanish and English for almost 15 years.

I was born in Québec, Canada, in 1977, and throughout all my childhood and education, I spoke, read and wrote only French. It’s only as a teenager that I started learning a second language: English. A few years later, with a French Studies Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Certification in my pocket, I decided to hit the road. A long and exciting journey was ahead of me.


Athens, Greece, 2014.

I first traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I learnt Spanish and got my first language teaching jobs. Then I moved to Louisiana, USA, to experience the hurricane Katrina and teaching at the public Elementary School level.

In 2007, I started working at the International School of Prague, in the Czech Republic. I taught French and Spanish in the Elementary and Middle School sections and became, the following year, Curriculum Leader for the Modern Languages Team.

In 2014, I moved to Greece and started teaching in the Middle and High School sections of the St. Lawrence College, including A Level and GCSE French.

I now teach IBDP French in the Vienna International School, in Austria.


Since my childhood, I have always been interested in story telling. In 2013, I published my first novel : La Dérive des jours, nominated for the Prix des Cinq Continents, awarded by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.

My first novel, “La Dérive des jours”, 2013.

I published a second novel in 2016 (La Piscine), a novel for teenagers (Le journal du corsaire) and a travel guide (Escale à Prague). I also published non-fiction books: My First Songs and English for Beginners.

In 2017, my short story Wassim was nominated for the Prix de la Creation, awarded by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


Jazz Dock, Prague, 2012

I started playing the guitar when I was a teenager and I never stopped since then. As a blues guitarist and singer, I have performed more than 300 concerts in Europe, recorded five albums and filmed a few music videos.

There is more information about my music on my website.

It’s always hard to sum up your own life in a few lines, but I hope these can help you to know me a bit better!