School Governance


Earlier this year, I was happy to be appointed as School Governor in a local primary school in Surrey, UK. This position is new to me, and I was looking forward to get additional training to prepare for it. Thankfully, there are tons of ressources here in the UK to develop as a school governor.

Better Governor

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Better Governor is a part of the Strictly Education Network, an education services provider that offers specific training and general information about the role of school governor. I did the “Introduction to Governance” webinar a few weeks back and, while it covered what I had already learned from the National Governance Association (NGA) “Welcome to Governance” guidebook, it gave me an opportunity to interact with experienced governors and learn a bit more about the role.

National Governance Association

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 10.57.34

20200515_105525Being from the international education world, the NGA guidebook was my first contact with the British public educational sector. A great ressource to start learning about the terminology and the different kinds and types of school in the UK. It also offers a solid overall view of what it really means to be a school governor on a daily basis. Although it’s not the kind of document that reads like a novel, it’s very easy to refer to in case of doubt or to look for a specific information. To start with the role of school governor, this was a very useful ressource that I couldn’t have done without.


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