Cool videos for your French class


In this week’s post, I’m going to address French only teachers ! Here are a few videos  that I have used over the years in my French class, along with the level it could be used with and a link to possible units. Enjoy !

GRADE 7 TO 10 – Clothes – Shopping – Interaction in a shop

Although this one is a bit vintage, it’s super fun to watch. I know my grade 9 and 10 students enjoyed it enormously!


GRADES 11 AND 12 – Science & Technology option – Cell phones

A great documentary from the great “Cash Investigation” team about the use of cell phones, our habits and the production of the devices. Perfect for IB grade 11 and 12!


GRADE 10, 11 AND 12 – Discrimination in Brussels Nightclub

A short social experiment ran by a belge tv station. Could be used in grade 10, 11 or 12 to talk about discrimination and racism.


GRADE 10 – Fast food – Restaurant

A colleague of mine in Vienna found this news reel video about new gastronomique fastfood in Paris. We did a listening comprehension text for our grade 10 students with it. Works well.


GRADE 6 AND 7 – Family – Identity – Barbapapa is born!

A classic French cartoon, here is episode one of the famous Barbapapa series. Best with elementary or lower middle school students.


GRADES 7 TO 10 – School

France’s number one Youtube Cyprien is at his funniest (if not always super appropriate, watch it first) on this video. Good to talk about school in grades 7 to 10 !


GRADE 7 TO 10 – Supermarket – Food

Although this series is a bit old, it’s still one of the funniest ever aired on French television. You can use different episodes, but this is a good one to talk about food and grocery shopping. Good for grades 7 to 10.


More to come…

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