Top Three Online Resources


OK, there are a ton of online resources for learning language, some of them really good, many of them really bad! One thing to consider when choosing a solid online tool for learning language is what you want to gain from it: will you use it in class or at home? Should it be free? Is it a tool that your students can work with independently? These are all questions that you must ask yourself. That being said, here are my personal (and in no kind of order) Top Three Online Resources for Language Teaching (and learning, huh!)


Rosetta Stone

The king of learning software allows you to work independently, at home or at school, from your computer. The great thing about Rosetta Stone is that it works on all language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking), thanks to its oral recognition system. It also has a role play section at the end of each lesson. It isn’t free, and it certainly can beat real integration with a live teacher, but it’s a great complement to language class.



Introduced to me some time ago by one of my colleagues, Kahoot! quickly became a standard activity in my French class. A game-based learning plateform, Kahoot! works as a multiple-choice quiz that you can design to fit your teaching need. Your student will need a device (a phone or a laptop) to play it, and your class will have to be equipped with a projector, but it’s fun to play and the kids will enjoy the competitive side of it. One good thing about Kahoot! is that it already has a lot of ready made quizzes from teacher around the globe. Just search in what you need.



Once again, a great tool that has been suggested by one of my colleague, Quizlet is a web-based application that allows you to do a million things: study, play, quiz, spell, match, remember, test and exercise your language skills. Students train with flashcard that the teacher design to fit its lesson. A great tool, Quizlet can easily be used at home or in the classroom. As long as you have a computer!…

Have fun!!!

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