Top Three Online Translators


Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always prefer a good old dictionary for in class work to any online software available on the market… But I need to be realistic too ! Like it or not, the Internet is more and more present in and out of the classroom, and phones, pads and laptops are everywhere. It’s now hard for me to imagine my students doing their homework (even if I warn them against it) without the help of an online translator. So here it: top three best translators on the web!

1. Linguee


By far the best option on the web now. Linguee offers not only a wide range of translations, but it also gives you the context where some of these translations originate. Thank to its algorithm, Linguee searches the Internet for trusted sources and list all of these external sources. A must for the classroom!


2. Google translate


Probably the best known of the three, Google translate is, thanks to the omnipresence of Google on the web, a household name. While it lacks the diversity and efficiency of Linguee, it translates to many languages and has an audio option that could be interesting to use in language class.


3. Reverso


Still popular with my students in spite of the hard concurrence of the previous two, Reverso offers good quality translation, an easy to use dictionary, a spell check and a context option similar to the one that Linguee offers. The presence of publicity affect the fun of using it though !

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