The Bluffing Game


A fun and highly adaptable activity that will work best with Primary and early Middle school students, “The Bluffing Game” allows children to do something they can’t do often in class: lie. This game is perfect for a big group of kids. The rules are a bit complicated, but once you got it, I assure you that your class will ask you again and again for it!


  • List of 12 questions in the target language prepared by the teacher
  • One white board
  • One chair per student


  1. Divide the students into two teams and ask them to name their teams.
  2. On the white board, write:
    • the numbers 1-12 horizontally with one square to be ticked for each number
    • the names of the teams (with space to count the points)
  3. Ask a student from Team A to choose a number on the board, then read the matching question on your list to Team B.
  4. To answer the question, the students in Team B must quietly stand up (if they know the answer – if not, they stay seated).*
  5. Ask a student from Team A to choose from the students standing up in Team B the one who will answer the question.**
  6. If the answer is:
    • Correct: Team B gets the amount of point equal to the number of students standing up.
    • Incorrect: the Team A tries to answer, but can get only one point if they’re correct.
  7. Repeat step 3, with the other team.
  8. The team that has most points win.

* When you explain the rules of the game to your class, stress the fact that it’s quite possible to stand up even if you don’t know the answer to a question: this strategy is called bluffing. By doing so, you will also make those who fail to answer correctly feel good about themselves.

** Also encourage your students to choose every body on the other team (player tends to avoid choosing the “smart kids” and insist on the weaker ones). Be careful with this, as this can be a sensitive issue for some children.





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